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Sale and Auction Conditions

  1. The auction is carried out in the name of and on the account of the customer, whose name is noted accordingly on the invoice. 
  2. The highest bidder wins the knockdown if after three calls no higher offer is submitted. The auctioneer sets any required minimum bids. The auction is conducted in euro.
  3. The auctioneer has the right to change the sequence laid down in the auction catalogue, to separate numbers, to collate them or withdraw them, to award the knockdown subject to proviso or to reject bids that he regard as too low. It is left to the auctioneer's discretion to call up individual bids or to call on interested parties to submit bids. The auctioneer may reject a bid for good reason. 
  4. With regard to all doubts concerning the validity of the highest bid, particularly also if the highest bidder does not wish to exercise his bid or a doubt exists as to the knockdown, then the auctioneer's decision alone shall be binding, to which those bidding in the auction submit themselves by participating. The auctioneer may if necessary reverse the knockdown and offer the object again. The auctioneer can subject to the proviso of approval from his customer award the knockdown; the bidder remains in this case bound by his bid for 7 days.
  5. The premium to be paid by the successful bidder is 15% of the highest bid. Statutory value added tax is levied on the amount of the bid an of the premium. The payment of the full purchase price must be made either on the day of auction in cash or by crossed cheque with irrevocable confirmation to the auctioneer. The acceptance of cheques occurs by way of payment. A bidder who bids on behalf of another is liable jointly with this other person. In the case of default of payment interest is charges at 1 % per month or part of a month.
    Buyers from countries that do not belong to the EU must pay over the value added tax as caution money to the auctioneer. On presentation of the officially stamped original export certificate the value added tax is reimbursed. Sale to interested parties from EU countries can only be made free of value added tax on presentation of the officially authorised turnover tax identification number. 
  6. The invoices drafted on the day of auction and after-sale are issued subject to the proviso of separate subsequent checking and possible correction. The right to remedy errors is reserved.
  7. The auctioned objects are deemed to have been transferred to the buyer on knockdown, whereby the liability and the danger of accidental loss and/or destruction or damage to the object are also transferred to the successful bidder. 
  8. The issuance (transfer of ownership) of the auctioned objects occurs only after complete payment of the purchase price, premium and value added tax after written declaration of release by the auctioneer. If the purchaser acquires several objects, then ownership is not transferred on payment of the purchase price for individual goods, but only on payment of the total purchase price.
  9. In the even of late payment of the purchase price amounts accordings to item 5 or in the event of late pick-up of the auctioned objects the seller has the right once a reasonable period of grace has elapsed to demand compensation for damage for nonfulfilment of contract or to withdraw from the contract. He can also dismantle and store the auctioned objects including at the cost of the successful bidder. The buyer is obliged to accept all objects for which he has submitted succesful bids. 
  10. The period for picking up auctioned objects can be found on notices in the auction hall, in the auction catalogue and on the invoice.
  11. Transport an dismantling of the auctioned objects are at the expense and risk of the buyer. The buyer is obliged, to carry out the different disassembly activities on the auctioned objects in a competent and professional way. Also no damage may occur to the service-pipes and lines connected with the objects. The successful bidder is liable for damage occurring during dismantling or transport to the property of the seller. In the event that during dismantling apertures are made in the building or parts of the building, then the successful bidder is obliged to have these closed by a specialised company at his expense. The auctioneer retains the right to charge a deposit of caution on objects whose dismantling could cause damage to the real estate and/or property of third parties. The announcement of the positions coming into question and the amount of the deposits occurs during the auction. 
  12. The objects coming up for auction may be inspected prior to the auction. Catalogue information, particularly technical data, measurements or amounts do not constitute guaranteed properties, warranty for the correctness of the information is excluded. The sale of the objects is as they stand and lie excluding all guarantee. 
  13. Access to the site of the seller for the purpose of inspection or participating in the auction is at own risk. All liability on the part of the auctioneer or of the seller is excluded.
  14. The auctioneer is only liable - regardlees of legal grounds - only in the case of intent or gross negligence.
  15. The auction conditions also apply to possible sale by private contract.
  16. Place of performance for delivery is the corresponding location of the objects, for payments the town of Gronau (Westphalia). If the buyer is a registered trader, then the place of jurisdiction is the town of Gronau (Westphalia). 

Additional terms for online- and live-auctions.

  1. Bids for online auctions are possible only through our auction platform. Bids by mail, e-mail or fax can not be considered.
  2. Your bid prices are FOB location plus 15% commission and plus 19% VAT, if not mentioned otherwise
  3. If not otherwise specified in the invoice, the payment of the goods must be made within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation of purchase via bank transfer, stating the invoice number. The proof of the payment in the form of a bank certificate must be submitted at the pickup.
  4. The buyer is responsible for the complete dismantling, loading and transportation of the auctioned items. Collection will only take place on the days specified in the project and on the invoice, at the specified location. Any different appointments may, where necessary, be arranged with us.
  5. If it is impossible to give a bid until the submission deadline because of technical reasons, we explicitly reserve the right to extend this time limit. For the decision on an extension of time is solely Ziegler GmbH & Co. Treuhand KG responsible.
  6. For items that are auctioned by the consent proviso applies:The client will be informed by us of the outcome of the auction. Within a maximum of 5 days, the customer will be informed by us as to whether he actually receives the acceptance of the bid. Until then, the customer is bound by his bid.
  7. The bid-steps during the auction are structured as follows:
  8. from € to € Bid-Increase in €
    1,00 100,00 1,00
    100,01 500,00 10,00
    500,01 1000,00 50,00
    1.000,01 10.000,00 100,00
    10.000,01 100.000,00 500,00
    from 100.000,01   1.000,00